UX/UI and Web Design Services

Our approach to design reflects our commitment to best practice web design principles, user experience research and material design standards. We use this foundation to explore concepts and develop unique solutions based on the objectives of every project we take on. All of our design work is uniquely tailored to visually represent you and your brand to take you from web presence to web excellence.


The importance of a good landing page

An effective landing page includes a number of essential elements, including:
> A strong and succinct title
> Clear and concise information about the benefits of your offer
> Hero content (a larger and attractive image) to visually showcase your offer
> An easy to use contact form for visitors to fill out


Why do i need a monthly website maintenace plan?

Clients often believe its “easy” to maintain a website that is based on a Content Management System. This is primarily because most clients believe up to date website means staying current on content; however, in reality maintenance really means pro-active risk management — making sure all codes are running, Content Management System is up to date, all security patches have been applied to secure sites against hack attacks, regular site back-ups have been taken, any malware and SQL injections are removed from the website, etc. as below:

1) Website Backups for Catastrophic Events: Regular website backups ensure you are ready for the unexpected. It the event, your website is hacked, if you have a back-up, you or your technical team can get the website live again soon without compromising or recreating the content again from scratch.

2) Keeping Your Website Up Date: Technology is moving very fast and hence a need to evolve your website with the technology. Furthermore, it’s important to ensure your website stays current on security patches to avoid any security vulnerability issues.

3) Website Monitoring Update: Performance management and keeping the website malware free is important and hence pro-active maintenance is needed.